Vol 12, No 37 (2008)

Seleccion del Noveno Simposium Argentino sobre Inteligencia Artificial

Table of Contents


Special Issue: Ninth Argentinean Symposium on Artificial Intelligence Abstract pdf
Daniela Godoy, Ana Gabriela Maguitman 5-6
Learning Hidden Markov Models with Hidden Markov Trees as Observation Distributions Abstract pdf
D. H. Milone, L. E. Di Persia 7-13
ISOMAP based metrics for clustering Abstract pdf
A.E. Bayá, P.M. Granitto 15-23
AWSC: An approach to Web service classification based on machine learning techniques Abstract pdf
M. Crasso, A. Zunino, M. Campo 25-36
Derivatives of Pearson Correlation for Gradient-based Analysis of Biomedical Data Abstract pdf
M. Strickert, F.-M. Schleif, U. Seiffert, T. Villmann 37-44
A procedure to automatically enrich verbal lexica with subcategorization frames Abstract pdf
I. Castellón, L. Alonso Alemany, N.T. Tincheva 45-53
An Evolutionary Approach for Feature Selection applied to ADMET Prediction Abstract pdf
A.J. Soto, R.L. Cecchini, G.E. Vazquez, I. Ponzoni 55-63
Network traffic pattern recognition based on genetic algorithms Abstract pdf
C. Catania, C. García Garino 65-75

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