Vol 7, No 21 (2003)

Monografía: Simposio Argentino de Inteligencia Artificial

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Editorial 21 Details pdf
A. Garcia-Serrano 0-0


A short note on the special issue Abstract doc
A. Zapico, J. Miguel Santos 7-9
Robot Formations as an Emergent Collective Task using Abstract pdf
Diego Ariel Bendersky, Juan Miguel Santos 9-18
Using Synthetic Vision for Autonomous Non-Player Characters Abstract pdf
Sebastian Enrique, Alan Watt, Steve Maddock, Fabio Policarpo 19-25
A User Profiling Architecture for Textual-Based Agents Abstract pdf
Daniela Godoy, A. Amandi 27-36
Representing and Capturing the Experts Knowledge in a Design Process Abstract pdf
Silvio Gonnet, Horacio Leone, Gabriela Henning 37-46
Generalization over Environments in Reinforcement Learning Abstract pdf
Andreas Matt, Georg Regensburger 47-53
Leaf Type Recognition Abstract pdf
Guillermo Sampallo 55-62
Minutiae Detection: An Image Exploring Agent-Based Model Abstract pdf
Ariel Unanue, Adriana Zapico 63-71
Approaches for the Analysis and Design of Multi-Agent Systems Abstract pdf
Pablo Villarreal, Maximiliano Alesso, Sebastián Rocco, María Rosa Galli, Omar Chiotti 73-81
MoviLog: A Platform for Prolog-Based Strong Mobile Agents on the WWW Abstract pdf
Alejandro Zunino, Marcelo Campo, Cristian Mateos 83-92

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